There is nothing like a good controversy to make life a little more exciting. If you fancy getting yourself into a heated debate, be sure to mention any of these topics in an essay, a conversation, or even a blog post.

10) Jews and anti-Semitism.
For some reason, the topic of anti-Semitism is still quite a controversial issue today. Anti-Semitism has had its roots even in ancient history. During the 3rd century, an Egyptian historian and priest called Manetho sardonically wrote about the Jews in Alexandria. Due to the nature of the Sabbath, Alexandria was successfully invaded by Ptolemy Lagides, a Macedonian general under Alexander the Great.

9) Israel
After the declaration of Israel as an independent nation state. This preceded the UN Partition Plan in 1947. The core of the ongoing Palestine-Israeli conflict lies in the city of Jerusalem. While Israel recognizes Jerusalem to be its capital state, this idea is not recognized by the international sphere, rendering it to be a rather touchy topic.

8 ) Scientology
A religion that is often referred to as a cult. The exclusive nature of the religion has sparked curiosity among the general public. The curiosity later evolved to controversies when strange deaths, such as the death of Lisa McPherson got linked to the Church of Scientology Apart from that, stories about the mysterious Lord Xenu made it more convenient for outsiders to poke fun at the religion.

7) White Supremacy
It is the collective belief that White people are more superior to the people of different ethnicity. The most popular white supremacist movement we’re all familiar with is the Ku Klux Klan.

6) New Age Religions
Most of us are not prepared for the evolved versions of traditional religions. New age religions took precedence during the late 20th century and have made quite an impact on the world. Most of these religions encompass an amalgamation of scientific ideas to promote spirituality. This includes motivational psychology and self help methods. Even today, the idea seems foreign to the majority and is often associated with cults.

5) Homosexual agenda
Homosexual agenda is a term used to describe the propagation of an acceptance for homosexual relationships. This includes proposing government policies to legalize same sex marriage, same sex marriage adoption as well as an individual’s sexual orientation being recognized as a civil rights minority classification.

4) Human evolution
The age old question, is Man a descendant of the apes?

3) Law enforcement
Do we live in a world where every person is given a right to a fair trial before deciding on the apprehension of the same person? I don’t think so. Apparent or not, travesties of justice have been known to occur. Most of the time, race and religion act as a factor which impacts the outcome of the situation.

2) The Holocaust
A painful and sensitive issue to be brought up. Lives were lost in astronomical proportions and have left many scarred even today. Many Israelis today have not forgiven Germany for the Holocaust.

1) Poverty
It is a state of being where a person simply cannot afford basic necessities such as clean water, food, healthcare, education and shelter. While we mindlessly complain about frivolous issues, some people worry about whether or not they have enough resources to feed their children the next week.